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Welcome to {sl4ySl3d}

The best damn gungame on the internet! Attention Musicians: Would you like to put your music or your bands music on the {sl4ySl3d} server for end of round music?  Please contact us if your interested. Your music will be accredited on the website and server.

Our Servers are dependent upon your donations. Please donate!


  • Our Host Info

    Our servers are hosted on state of the art technology. Quad core's with hyper threading, and 8+ gb of ram keep your game steady as can be, even with high traffic.

  • Our Servers

    Our servers have a 99% uptime. We play traditional gungame, 2 kills per weapon with a grenade and knife to end the game. Check it out.

  • About Us

    {sl4ySl3d} is all about Chillin' N Killin', were a bunch of really chill people providing you with a relaxing yet competitive gungame experience.